Associazione Distributori e Noleggiatori di Beni Strumentali

Objectives The objectives of our association


The objectives of our association

  • Organize in Italy the grouping of all Distributors (concessionnaires, agents, renters, repairers,.....) Of industrial machinery for construction yards, public works, building trades, maintenance and related industries, with a view to concentrating the efforts for the development of the sector's activities and for the protection of the rights and common professional interests.

  • Develop and consolidate among its members, sentiments of solidarity and the correct application of the principles of healthy competition and/or territorial vicinity.

  • Serve its members as a permanent centre for relations and interests as regards trade, renting and the repair of equipment and, in general, on the behaviour of the market and the clients.

  • Defend the general interests of the profession with the Government, the Parliament, Public and Private Administrations and Chambers of Commerce, suppliers, etc. And express the views of the members it represents on economic, commercial fiscal and legislative questions.

  • Be the organism of documentation for the Public Powers and Administartion and the link with all persons, associations and organisms which have an interest in the sectors defined in point 1.

  • Put into effect all necessary measures, including arbitration, for the maintenance of good relations among members of the National Association.

  • Offer to Tribunals and to parties in dispute a selection of experts and friendly arbitrators.

  • Represent the profession before all international institutions and organisms which debate problems concerning the activities of the Association.

  • Pursue the settlement of all disputes of whatever nature and safeguard the economic, industrial and commercial interests of the members of the Association.